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How to switch Canon EF lens properly?

How to switch Canon EF lens properly?

It is obvious, that SLR or DSLR camera users, who own few lenses will switch them from time to time. But what is the best way to do that? It is not as easy as it seems to be. While switching lenses You should care about few things. Most important thing You want to avoid while changing lens is not allowing the dust going into both Your camera body and lens. How to achieve that?

Environmental factor

You should care about environment in which the lens is changed. Avoid switching lens on windy days, try to do it at home... If You will try to switch it on windy day at the beaches or dunes the dust will easily get into body and You will have to clean the sensor of Your cameras body.

Proper technique

There is another important thing You should care while switching the lenses. In most of the cases Your cameras body should be faced downwards, so that dust will get minimum chances to get inside. Do not forget about putting the safety cap on the face lens. At the beginning it seems to be tough - but it is not as hard as it seem to be.

Here is my video tutorial for this post:

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